76577_10152151472745523_1808045188_nI blog about gaming, be it PC, PS4 or Xbox One.  I may also discuss Nintendo DS and tablet gaming.  What you find on this blog are merely my opinions and you are free to disagree with anything I write.  I am not a professional game journalist or reviewer and neither do I pretend to be.

All reviews grade a game out of 10.  I don’t give decimal scores unless I feel a game warrants half a point, for instance, 5.5/10.  You will never see me give any other kind of decimal score as I feel this can be somewhat confusing!

I hope you enjoy what I publish and thanks for stopping by 😀

If you like what I do then please consider supporting me on GoFundMe.  I pay for all my review material and to keep up with the market your help would be greatly appreciated! http://www.gofundme.com/SimplyMonkey


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