My top 5 favourite gaming YouTube channels

A while ago a friend asked me for recommendations of gaming channels on YouTube so I figure it makes for a pretty good Blog topic.  While PewDiePie is the most popular YouTuber, I don’t really like his style or channel so here is a list of my favourite gaming channels on YouTube.  If you have some recommendations that you think I should check out, leave them in the comments below!

angry-joe1. Angry Joe Show

My favourite gaming YouTuber is without a doubt Angry Joe.  His reviews are honest and thorough and his ultimate aim is to safeguard fellow gamers from bad business practice and money grabbing tactics.  I find myself agreeing with his reviews more often that not and I usually hold off on buying games I’m not sure about until I’ve watched one of his reviews.  Recently he has launched his gaming community, The Angry Joe Show Army, which is pretty active and the forums on his website are a pretty friendly place.

220px-totalbiscuit_godfather2. TotalBiscuit (The Cynical Brit)

The number 1 PC gaming critic on YouTube, TotalBiscuit, breaks from conventional review practices with his WTF is…? series.  He doesn’t give games scores, he just tells you what he likes and dislikes about the games he plays.  He is also known for his Hearthstone and Blood Bowl gameplay verses other YouTubers.  In fact, he is the main reason I got into Hearthstone, so thanks TB!

3. JonTrJonTron_Smirkon

Along with his friend Jacques, JonTron makes videos concerning older titles or games that may not be considered mainstream.  His content is both informative and funny and I’ve certainly learnt a lot from his reviews, especially from some of the older games that came out when I was a kid and before I viewed them with a critical eye.

4. Melonie Mac

Active on both YouTube and Twitch, Mel Mac plays all the latest and greatest games.  She is passionate about PC gaming and loves Razer gear in particular.  She is also a talented artist.  If you are looking for someone who is a geek and proud of it, then look no further.  She is who she is and doesn’t apologise for it.  Her “let’s plays” are really fun to watch and she communicates directly with her community.  Make sure to enter her giveaways too!

5. Boogie2988

Along with his characters, the most notable of those being Francis, Boogie reports on gaming news, does “Let’s plays” and weighs in on current issues and topics.  His is straight talking and honest, opening up to the internet about his personal issues and life.  Boogie has lately shot to fame and has been recognised by the heads of both Microsoft and Sony as an influential YouTuber.


4 thoughts on “My top 5 favourite gaming YouTube channels”

  1. Nice blog topic. You introduced me to The Angry Joe Show, Boogie 2988, and TB. I found myself really enjoying their content so far so appreciate the fact you put it in writing to share with all! I haven’t seen any of Mel Mac’s content before but going by the channels you have recommended before, I shall be sure to check out the channel!

  2. I think that those guys who are making games targeting male audience by making more than perfectly shaped female characters are making a huge mistake. Girls, females make at least 50 percent of general gaming audience so this is probably about ‘materializing’ developers’ own private fantasies, which has nothing to do with a good marketing campaign.

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